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Inquiring minds want to know January 11, 2010

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Yesterday I talked about all the things I’m learning. Today I am thinking more about the things I just don’t know yet.

1. I’m diving back into the dating pool at least partially using online sites and this leads to the first question. When do I mention that I’m a diabetic? Part of me feels like it shouldn’t matter to someone who might potentially date me, but another part says if it becomes serious, my disease will affect the person too. Right now I’m thinking maybe during a first date if it’s going well. But, is that too soon? That bullet point was a two-fer!

2. This time of year I get cold a lot. However, my blood sugar dropping also causes me to feel cold. I find myself testing a lot to make sure I’m really just cold because of the temperature and not because my levels are low. Is there another way?

3. Is there a way to make the pump not buzz or beep when it’s on Suspend because I’ve taken it off? It’s disruptive and I know if it’s not connected to my body!

4. Is it rude that I’ll check my levels wherever I am (ex – dinner table with friends at a restaurant)? To me it’s just a drop of blood and it’s required, but I suppose I could go to the restroom or something instead. Reading reactions other people have had is part of what makes me question this.

That’s all for now. 🙂


3 Responses to “Inquiring minds want to know”

  1. Yay for the dating pool! I think if the opportunity arises when you’re out on a date, you could bring it up, like if the waiter offers dessert and you want to decline ’cause you’ve had three glasses of wine. You could mention you’re diabetic.

    I think that it would probably be better to go to the restroom or possibly just do it in your lap where it’s sort of concealed. Personally it wouldn’t bother me, but some people it might.

  2. Linda Says:

    I think that due to various and assorted blood-borne pathogens and all that scary stuff, it’s probably best not to test your blood while at the dinner table. Probably better to polite excuse yourself just on the off-chance you might skeeve someone out. After all, there are still those who faint at the sight of a tiny bit of blood!

    As for when to divulge, I think maybe if it goes to a second date that would be good. After all, a first date may also be a last date and then it won’t matter what he does or doesn’t know about you.

    Just my two cents worth adjusted for inflation!

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