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Is that lady crazy or is she just a diabetic? January 22, 2010

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One of the pet peeves of most diabetics I’ve talked with is when others, specifically non-diabetics or experts, say things like “You can’t eat that.” I can. I have a pump that provides insulin to me, much in the same way your pancreas produces it for you. Having said that, there are some things, unique to each person, that seem to cause more issues than a normal carbohydrate should. I had a run-in with this yesterday after deciding to have a *small* piece of cake at a group birthday party. I knew I should probably stop when the icing tasted like fudge, but I still ate several bites. I took what I believe was a proper dosage and went about my business.

A couple of hours later I felt BAD! I pulled out my tester and got a reading of 289. WTF?! First time over 200 this year, I believe. I’ve been doing great lately, partly due to exercise and some other changes I’ve made. So, I gave myself some more insulin and tested a few minutes later. 301! THREE HUNDRED! I checked my tubes and didn’t see any obvious kinks. In the past, in this situation, I’ve changed the pump site. This time, however, I didn’t have any supplies with me and really didn’t want to have to go home due to some important meetings during my afternoon.

After brainstorming for a minute, I got up and went into an empty conference room and started running in place. I did this for about five minutes. Note that since I was staying at work I didn’t want to get too sweaty! So I went back to my desk, waited a few minutes and tested again. I repeated this cycle three more times. A few times I did laps around the table and added in some jumps and crazy arm swinging. It worked. Within an hour I was getting readings near my goal.

I was glad that I was able to find a healthier way to combat the situation, but I was frustrated with myself for getting in the situation. Guilt is a common emotion with diabetics. But I live and I learn and I’ll know better next time.

Having said that, please don’t try to tell me what I should or shouldn’t eat. I’m an adult. If you decide to not listen, please don’t be surprised if I tell you where you can or can’t go. 😉 Oh, and, if you see a coworker running around a conference room, just note that maybe they are diabetic and not completely off their rocker.


8 Responses to “Is that lady crazy or is she just a diabetic?”

  1. You make a good point in that it should be no one else’s business what you are putting in your body, illness or not…PERIOD! You have every right to tell them where they can go if they do, IMHO! 🙂

    If you see a co-worker running around a conference room, it might be a good idea to join ’em! 🙂

  2. ChipMac Says:

    We’ve always KNOWN you’re crazy, but we like you anyway. 🙂

  3. cdw Says:

    not that i’m trying to tell you what to eat…but would gluten-free desserts make a difference in how your body reacts to sweets? There is a local bakery called Sweet Sins where a lot of the stuff is gluten-free.

    Oh, and maybe a better application for your sweet tooth, Charm City Cupcakes sells mini-cupcakes…

  4. O wow I can totally relate to the jumping jacks in the conference room, done that a couple of times actually. Good thing everyone at work knows that I am… funny story one time I was caught napping and I was able to successfully use the big D as and the boss bought it….one of the few times that its worked in my favor, wonder if I can use it to get out of a ticket lol

  5. Sue/RFamHere Says:

    I’m a diet and exercise controlled Type 2 and so sick of the “diabetes police”. I know how my food choices will effect my glucose levels. Most of those who tell me what to eat and not to eat have very little knowledge of diabetes. “You can’t have sugar!” “Cake isn’t good for diabetics.” “Should you really be having ice cream?” ARG! Moderation not deprivation! I’ll eat a hamburger without a bun so I can have a small bowl of ice cream in the evening. It’s all about choices that they don’t know about.

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