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The guessing game may be my least favorite game February 18, 2010

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I must admit, while it never leaves my mind completely, diabetes takes a back-burner in my thoughts when I’m feeling well and my numbers are good. It’s not quite as far back as my glasses, but it allows me to focus elsewhere. During the snow, for example, I thought about talking about what it was like to deal with a big snow storm as a diabetic, but my diabetes was never a big concern. I had plenty of supplies and when I’m just chilling at home I normally can keep my numbers stable. I did have to think about it when shoveling, but just checked before and after. I went low once, but it wasn’t an “ordeal.”

The “ordeals” though are what really make me think about my diabetes. Yesterday morning I was stressed to the max. And when I tested my level it showed that the stress was affecting my whole body. It was HIGH – 260, I think. I treated it. It continued to stay high, so I took some more insulin (now using the guessing game rather than the ratio). Then, as I’m sitting in a working meeting I feel the drop. I excused myself to test and was at 74. I knew I only had 15 minutes left in the meeting so went back. By the time it was over, I was shaking – and OUT of test strips. Because of the high I had already tested 5-6 times and that was all that had been left in my container. Doh! Bad, bad timing and poor planning.

As timing would have it, the shaking coincided with a birthday party for a coworker. So I thought, “perfect! I’ll have some cake and be fixed up.” I don’t know how far down I went but was struggling to even eat the cake. The shaking took a long time to stop – probably half an hour. I went ahead and had some lunch. I did more guessing for the amount of insulin to take both because I was eating out and not knowing what my levels actually were.

After all this I felt like absolute crap – exhausted from the up and down and up.
When I got home I was over 200 again. I treated it more scientifically this time and took a nap.

I made sure to restock up this morning. My levels have been good. Guessing games are no fun.

Just when I think I’m stable I get a day like yesterday….


“What makes it worth it to me to take care of my diabetes?” February 6, 2010

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I was reading this question in another blog today and spent some time thinking about what that meant to me.

If I don’t take care of my diabetes there are short term and long term implications. Long term are the things you hear about – complications (like losing limbs), leading to death. Short term I just wouldn’t feel good or function well.

To me it’s not optional. Not taking care of myself would be considered “passive suicide” and I’m not willing to do that with my life.

It’s a good question for a diabetic to think about.


Sometimes I’m still surprised February 1, 2010

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I pride myself on testing frequently and being able to tell when I’m running high or low. Sometimes, however, I’m still surprised by highs. I skipped breakfast today and changed my site. I didn’t test this morning though, like I normally do ’cause I felt like I was fine. However, before lunch I pulled out my meter and was shocked to see 262. My lunch was pretty low in carbs, so I bolused and I’m sure I’ll be fine shortly…but it’s still annoying. I do feel guilt when I’m high. Why did I skip this morning? Really I think it’s that I had bad dreams and have felt really stressed all morning…so I’m blaming it on that!

I was so excited this morning that both my battery and insulin were showing full on my meter too!

I’m giving up diet sodas, after having SEVERAL a day for as long as I can remember, so I wonder if that’s going to have an effect on my readings. Certainly it’s affecting me otherwise – I’m grouchy. I am drinking water like it’s going out of style though and have probably already saved a few bucks.

I sometimes wonder if life will ever feel like I don’t need to change things I do and how I handle things. It’s tiring sometimes that there’s seemingly so much “to fix.”