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Spa day… March 15, 2010

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I don’t think I ever forget I’m diabetic, but I sometimes don’t think about how trying something new is going to work out. Yesterday was a good example of this. I had scheduled months ago my first body exfoliation/wrap and a massage. I’ve had massages since I got my pump, and just disconnected for the duration.

So I started out in the sauna yesterday and I disconnected my pump and put it in the basket with my clothes. No biggee. Then I got out (after dripping an insane amount of sweat – 120 degrees is HOT) and laid down face first and had this tea scrub stuff put all over my backside. The lady then told me she had to go get something and while she was gone I realized I was about to have to flip over and have this scrub put on my front side…which was not going to work well with my site. I shifted and pulled it out before she got back and threw it to the basket.

After that things were mostly fine. I guess I wasn’t really prepared for how long I was going to be disconnected though. I had planned to run a lot of errands afterward, but by the time I finished all the treatments my bg was 200. I did a quick stop and then got home and put in a new set.

It was annoying. I think I would skip the wrap treatment in the future just because of this unless I come up with a better solution. Maybe I could cover it and tape it somehow?

Overall it was nice to pamper myself, but it was a bit of a damper to have to deal with the diabetes in a different way.


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  1. Sue/RFamHere Says:

    Oh I so understand how normal activity changes with diabetes. Even as a Type 2 diet and exercise controlled, I’ve had to take my diabetes into account. This morning I was going to hit the treadmill and luckily checked my sugar first. My glucose levels were good but I knew I’d drop if I didn’t have a snack, so I ate my emergency snack and my glucose was exactly the same when I finished (112). Praying that some day none of us will have to worry about diabetes anymore!

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