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Can’t have it? Really? Bummer. March 17, 2010

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I don’t like the idea of there being foods one can’t eat. That doesn’t mean I’m illogical when it comes to thinking about things. I know I’m not going to eat more than one bite of things that are super sweet like fudge or peanut brittle. And really I don’t mind that – other than the occasional piece of chocolate, dessert has never been my favorite part of a meal. However, the longer I have diabetes the more I learn about my own bodies reactions to foods and am discovering some things I may just have to give up.

The latest is bagels. I like them and they are brought into my office by the boxes on Wednesday. I’ve honestly only partaken of them three times but each time that little piece of food has wreaked havoc on my day. I have a carb-to-insulin ratio to know what to bolus. It doesn’t work. It goes sky high and acts like that insulin pumping into my stomach doesn’t exist. And it continues to climb. This causes the reaction I’m not sure how to handle. Do I keep blousing and become subject to a low or do I wait another two hours to test and release more?

When my blood sugar is too high or too low it makes being productive at work harder. My body feels out of whack. It is out of whack. And so I have to think about it and use an “educated guess” and keep testing.

So, bagel = not feeling good. Not worth it…


2 Responses to “Can’t have it? Really? Bummer.”

  1. Sue/RFamHere Says:

    I’ve actually given up on foods that are hard for me, too. There are some that I’m able to adjust portion size (square or two of chocolate here and there), but there are other foods that I just have not been able to eat without my sugar going sky high (pizza, pancakes). I love those food so I either need to drastically cut my portion size or give up on them for now. Still praying for a cure!

  2. I’m praying for a cute as well, Sue for both of you!!

    It’s good that you at least know when you are having these problems so you can do what you need to do to avoid them or whatever it takes!

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