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Loooooooows March 26, 2010

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I can say I honestly don’t feel good when my levels get too high or too low, but the difference between the two is pretty drastic. High is a little harder to recognize because it’s things like feeling sleepy and seems to happen gradually. Lows, however, wreak havoc on my body. I had two this week that were a big pain.

1) Was picking up some refills from the pharmacy, a common occurrence, and felt the drop. I didn’t test but knew I needed to get out of the store and get something. So after I waited I went to the check-out and had started shaking and sweating. Suddenly the little credit card machine was VERY hard to use. I was embarrassed, but made it out and tested and dealt with it in the parking lot.

2) Happened in the afternoon at work. A meeting got extended for a disappointing announcement. I had to rush to my Wednesday lunch with my “little sister” (from Big Brothers / Big Sisters), so didn’t eat. Then she and I played outside and I was running around after a kickball a lot. By the time I got back to the office I was late for another meeting, but had started shaking and sweating again. Lovely. I tested and was sitting at 55. I grabbed a sugary soda (ick!) from the machine and just told them it’d be a few minutes before I could really contribute anything.

I feel out of control with lows. And often times I seem to over compensate because it seems like it takes so long to come up. I guess I’m trying to say I’m still learning…


4 Responses to “Loooooooows”

  1. Bethanne Says:

    Hey Becca,
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Lows can really bite the big one, you know? It’s true, your body will start accomodating to them and your reactions will change. *hugs* But no matter what, they still leave you feeling crappy. 😦

    I also struggle to treat only what I need. The feelings of crappiness linger and I find myself overdoing. On those days my CGMS charts look like a roller coaster. I had a day like that yesterday–up and down. Then last night, I changed my basal. I hate the guessing game. Somedays, that’s all it is.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. becky Says:

    Hey Girlie!!! So glad you started a blog!! Lows stink but i think i rebound from them faster than highs…neither one is fun. I’m having a rough time health wise, but trying to stay positive. It’s giving me lots of time to read blogs! Keep up the blogging!

    • Becca Says:

      Sorry to hear you are having health struggles too. I do really like blogging about things going on – it makes me reflect back and think about things that may be going on under the surface a little more!

  3. Keep learning, that’s all you can do…

    (The great thing about blogging is that you can go back later and see how you felt at a specific moment in time! It’s a great thing!! )

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