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New A1C April 29, 2010

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When I saw my endo on Monday my blood work wasn’t back yet to talk about. But when she heard about my highs of recent, she said she imagined my A1C would have gone up. I really didn’t think so since to me things were going really great until recently. I was right! I’m down to 6.8! 16 months ago I was at 13.6 (when I was diagnosed). January was 7.2 with the goal of getting below 7 this year. Now to keep it up and get all the recent craziness removed. For my non-diabetic friends, this number basically looks at what your levels have been over the last 3 months as an average. For a non-diabetic it’s normally 4-6.

I tried to ask about my rash since we were on the phone but she said I’d need to call my PCP. Fine. I’ll give it another day or two.

Cholesterol is a little elevated so am going to take some pills and also try to eat a healthier diet. It’s not too high yet but it’s definitely something to be careful with. All other numbers were a-okay.

Unfortunately I seem to having trouble with my infusion set again today. My number was okay last night (had given a shot) but is hanging out at 300 right now. Argh. Guess I need to start carrying shot options with me until we get this equipment fixed up. Medtronic is going to have me ship back my infusion sets and get new ones. I have another not working today. Just went and jogged in an empty conference room to try to help with my levels until I go home and do a big ol’ shot!


It’s not all bad… April 28, 2010

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My last few posts have been pretty whiney about diabetes – because it has been a couple of harder-than-normal weeks. But I do recognize that’s only part of my life. I have had some wonderful experiences in life lately. For one, I really do like my job and am grateful for the flexibility I have there. I also have AMAZING friends and family. It’s nice to know folks are there for me. I also do “Big Brothers – Big Sisters” at lunch on Wednesdays and my little sister had made me a bookmark. One of the things it said was “I like my big because we have the same personality.” And while I agree it’s still funny to think that I have the same personality as a 10-year old. Haha. We are both sensitive, but also teasing and sweet to each other. It was good perspective.


Is this a joke?

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I had one day of good blood sugars….then broke out in a rash all over and didn’t sleep well. Still itching all over today. And my levels are staying elevated (haven’t eaten but they keep rising). This is not even funny! At all! Boo! Hiss!


Lyrics April 26, 2010

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Those who know me well, know that music means A LOT to me. With all my body-drama of the past couple of weeks I was listening to this today:

They say there’s linings made of silver
Folded inside each raining cloud
Well we need someone to deliver
Our silver lining now

and then later in the same Ingrid Michaelson song

Where you will lie on the rug
While I play with the dog
And it won’t be too much
Cuz’ this is too much
Cuz’ this is too much for me to hold
This is too much for me to hold

When I sang these lyrics at the top of my lungs I felt okay with the world. I know this is just a phase that I’m dealing with.

And I know my diabetes is here for a while.


Letter to my body

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Dear Body,

I imagine you’re as frustrated as your mind-counterpart but I can read that part a little more easily. For you I can just feel the pain and exhaustion. The past couple of weeks have been a PITA. You’re working hard, despite a sprained knee. Your fingertips are sore from checking blood sugar levels over 20 times in two days. And you’re tired because that blood sugar level has remained pretty elevated. I know. We’re in this together, and have a little help from other people/devices.

The doc said we’re operating as she would advice, under the circumstances. She thinks the issue is the pump infusion sets. They seem to be bending a lot all of the sudden and that’s causing them to not work. When the sets don’t work, our numbers sky-rocket. Of course it takes some time to determine. First we have to tell the pump to do some work and then continue to wait and wait and wait to see if it works. After three sets in the past three days, I *think* we finally have one plugged into our belly that’s working though I am not sure. 90 minutes after lunch and we’re still up in the 270’s. *sigh*

Don’t worry, we’ll get through this. We’ll keep calling who we have to call, and doing what we can do, to make this work. I know it’s hard to exercise with a sprained knee but we may have to do that too. And I’ll try to choose low-carb things to eat so that meals aren’t causing spikes until things are working right.

C’mon, body, we can do this.


Yay for tomorrow! April 25, 2010

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I’ve had one of the most frustrating weekends, due to diabetes, that I’ve had in many months. Like a week or so ago I’ve had two days of HIGHS regardless of using a new bottle of insulin, changing my site (twice), doing shots and so forth. I wonder if I just got a bad “batch” of insulin?? I have my quarterly visit with my endo in the morning and I’m looking forward to seeing what she has to say.

I’m not, however, looking forward to weighing in…but can’t change that before morning. I have an appointment May 13th to get a recommended meal plan and talk with someone about food. Food is tough. I didn’t eat at all today until 5 PM (because of the crazy highs) and then avoided all carbs…

Bring on tomorrow.


Dreams April 23, 2010

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There are at least two types of dreams:
-Those that are plans/goals for the future.
-Those that occur when we’re sleeping.
My diabetes happens to be a part of both of these types!

Lately I’ve been testing my blood sugar in my sleeping dreams very regularly. It’s normally very good in my dreams but I did have a low in a dream the the other night and could see I was testing about every five minutes. It’s kind of amusing to me, though it shouldn’t be surprising. Sometimes in the morning I have to think about whether I’ve already tested or whether I just dreamed I did. 🙂

It’s also part of thinking of long-term dreams. Kids are an example. Clearly it can be done, but you’re starting at higher risk..and my progressing age will probably have me there too. So I have to think about it and learn about it and then decide what is best for me.

Of course there’s always the dream that a cure will be discovered too!!