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Cookbook recommendation April 6, 2010

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A life long goal of mine is to cook more and eat out less. As a single person, it’s not always easy. But, I do understand the value/nutrition in doing so. I recently read this recommendation for a cookbook. I bought a copy for me and a dear, diabetic friend. It’s awesome! I am already excited to try my way through it.

I will post some of my faves as I go through the journey.


2 Responses to “Cookbook recommendation”

  1. Bethanne Says:

    Someday, I too will eat REALLY healthy!!! LOL I do okay. I wish it weren’t so expensive….! 😀

    • I know exactly what you mean! Seems like planning makes it cheaper. I do a local co-op starting in June and it’s tons of veggies each week for $10…and then the inspiration to eat them because they are there and paid for! One of the hard things for me is meals are so often my social outlet that it’s hard to just want to eat at home alone…

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