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Oy Vey April 16, 2010

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I had one of the most frustrating two days of diabetes this week that I’ve had since initial diagnosis. I had to take off work once I was climbing over the 300’s and hitting the 400’s (which feels like crap). I did ultimately talk to my doc who said I had done everything exactly as she would’ve suggested. First I had to change my insertion set. Then I had to replace some insulin and throw out what I was using. Then I had to give myself a shot to bypass the pump. It ultimately worked out, but did take two days. By the second day I was frustrated beyond words.

And on the third day I woke up and tested and was at 112. Insert angel singing here.

Back on track and moving on.


One Response to “Oy Vey”

  1. I hope the singing angel hangs around ya, Bec!! Keep working on it. Hopefully soon enough it won’t be a problem anymore…

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