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Letter to my body April 26, 2010

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Dear Body,

I imagine you’re as frustrated as your mind-counterpart but I can read that part a little more easily. For you I can just feel the pain and exhaustion. The past couple of weeks have been a PITA. You’re working hard, despite a sprained knee. Your fingertips are sore from checking blood sugar levels over 20 times in two days. And you’re tired because that blood sugar level has remained pretty elevated. I know. We’re in this together, and have a little help from other people/devices.

The doc said we’re operating as she would advice, under the circumstances. She thinks the issue is the pump infusion sets. They seem to be bending a lot all of the sudden and that’s causing them to not work. When the sets don’t work, our numbers sky-rocket. Of course it takes some time to determine. First we have to tell the pump to do some work and then continue to wait and wait and wait to see if it works. After three sets in the past three days, I *think* we finally have one plugged into our belly that’s working though I am not sure. 90 minutes after lunch and we’re still up in the 270’s. *sigh*

Don’t worry, we’ll get through this. We’ll keep calling who we have to call, and doing what we can do, to make this work. I know it’s hard to exercise with a sprained knee but we may have to do that too. And I’ll try to choose low-carb things to eat so that meals aren’t causing spikes until things are working right.

C’mon, body, we can do this.


One Response to “Letter to my body”

  1. You CAN do it! Keep that attitude and it’ll all work out. 🙂

    Sending good thoughts your way and praying that you get it all sorted out SOON!

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