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It’s not all bad… April 28, 2010

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My last few posts have been pretty whiney about diabetes – because it has been a couple of harder-than-normal weeks. But I do recognize that’s only part of my life. I have had some wonderful experiences in life lately. For one, I really do like my job and am grateful for the flexibility I have there. I also have AMAZING friends and family. It’s nice to know folks are there for me. I also do “Big Brothers – Big Sisters” at lunch on Wednesdays and my little sister had made me a bookmark. One of the things it said was “I like my big because we have the same personality.” And while I agree it’s still funny to think that I have the same personality as a 10-year old. Haha. We are both sensitive, but also teasing and sweet to each other. It was good perspective.


One Response to “It’s not all bad…”

  1. I’m so glad that you’re enjoying your “little”. It’s sweet that she made you a book mark. I have a few of those myself and they are the most special kind! 🙂

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