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New A1C April 29, 2010

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When I saw my endo on Monday my blood work wasn’t back yet to talk about. But when she heard about my highs of recent, she said she imagined my A1C would have gone up. I really didn’t think so since to me things were going really great until recently. I was right! I’m down to 6.8! 16 months ago I was at 13.6 (when I was diagnosed). January was 7.2 with the goal of getting below 7 this year. Now to keep it up and get all the recent craziness removed. For my non-diabetic friends, this number basically looks at what your levels have been over the last 3 months as an average. For a non-diabetic it’s normally 4-6.

I tried to ask about my rash since we were on the phone but she said I’d need to call my PCP. Fine. I’ll give it another day or two.

Cholesterol is a little elevated so am going to take some pills and also try to eat a healthier diet. It’s not too high yet but it’s definitely something to be careful with. All other numbers were a-okay.

Unfortunately I seem to having trouble with my infusion set again today. My number was okay last night (had given a shot) but is hanging out at 300 right now. Argh. Guess I need to start carrying shot options with me until we get this equipment fixed up. Medtronic is going to have me ship back my infusion sets and get new ones. I have another not working today. Just went and jogged in an empty conference room to try to help with my levels until I go home and do a big ol’ shot!


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