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Diabetes at work May 4, 2010

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My blog, thus far, hasn’t said a lot about my actual life. One thing to know is I’m a project manager. I feel really fortunate that I love it. I like working with people, learning technologies, keeping on top of things like schedule/budget and … well, pretty much all of it. I recognize frequently that I’m fortunate to work for a great company too. Today was yet another reminder.

Today was one of my two favorite parts of a project – kick-off (the second is the day after go-live)! I got up early to get in earlier than normal to get a room set-up and some snacks provided and such. And the first meeting went super! I was happy, the sponsor was happy and the vendor was happy. Happy! I had a chance to eat lunch outside with some fun coworkers and enjoy the sun. Then at 1:30 I went to my 2-hour afternoon meeting. Forty-five minutes into it, diabetes reared its head. I started shaking. I waited a few minutes and it continued. While I hated to do it, I got up and left the room to go test. I was at 50. Fudge – that’s really low. I ate some fast-acting glucose tablets I carry with me, grabbed a soda and my meter and headed back to the meeting. I continued to test until I was sure I was in a good range. During that 15-20 minutes of not-okay to okay, I listened but couldn’t take notes. Ever tried to take notes with insane shakes and a cold sweat? Not easy. It was fine though. I tested under the table and continued the meeting and didn’t cause any issues. The meeting also ended up going great! Woohoo! Diabetes overcome!

In reflecting, I realized what caused the low. Because I was wearing a dress, I gave myself insulin before I actually sat down for lunch. Well, at lunch I didn’t really like the taste of the whole-wheat wrap I had packed. So, I took out the ham and lettuce and ate that sans wrap. I also didn’t eat all the cantaloupe I had brought in. So I had given myself insulin for my whole lunch and not consumed it all.

I got in the mail today a cute “wristlet” that will allow me to more easily carry my testing supplies (and glucose tablets) into meetings more easily without the big purse. I plan to use this going forward. So addition to my Franklin Covey I will have some with me! An accessories girl!

I again felt grateful that I have a job that allows me to deal with a disease and continue working and loving it.


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  1. Just like everything else in your life…you don’t let it slow you down. You just grab the reins, take charge and go full speed ahead! Awesome!

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