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A day in the life May 10, 2010

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Diabetes blogging week – from

Monday 5/10 – A day in the life . . . with diabetes. Take us through a quick rundown of an average day and all the ways in which diabetes touches it. Blood tests, site changes, high and low blood sugars, meal planning, anything that comes along. This can be a log of an actual day, or a fictional compilation of pieces from many days.

I’m going to go with an “average” day and not a day when I’m a particularly good or bad diabetic.

First, I rise and shine. I have to disconnect my pump to shower and them add it back on as part of dressing. I’ve never had much of an issue with it in the shower, but do agree with others that it’s nice to have a site change planned around shower time. So, as part of the dressing I think about how/where I am going to wear the pump. I have waist pouches I use but sometimes just want to put it in a pocket. If I do something crazy, like wear a dress, I try to make it less obvious…and remind myself that I’ll have to give my adjustments in private before a meal instead of at the meal.

Next, I make sure I have all necessary supplies with me before I head out the door. I take any meds that are needed on my way out. I don’t normally eat anything before work so often find myself testing for the first time at my desk. If the number is off I either need to eat something (low) or give myself some insulin (high). The frequency of when I will check again depends on this first test. If its normal, I can go a few hours without testing again. If it’s off, I want to test again pretty soon to make sure the required movement is taking place.

I generally test before lunch and play with the pump again based on the test results and what I’m about to eat. I don’t test again before dinner unless I’m feeling off or am going to exercise. So I test again around dinner and play the same game as lunch.

Sometimes I test before bed….but not always. If my numbers have been good all day, I generally don’t. That’s probably a change I need to make.

So, again, pump wearing comes into play for bed. I’ve tried to sleep without it connected to anything and it normally leaves me a little tangled. Doh! I’ve never (knock on wood) pulled it out during the night.

There you have it, the diabetes part of my day. Pump, test, pump, test, pump, test. It’s like I’m a pancreas mechanic!


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