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Blooper! May 17, 2010

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Wild card – Blood Sugar Nirvana or Moronic Moment. Blog about the time you ate a meal that tends to spike you to the moon, but your perfectly calculated and timed bolus kept your blood sugar happy. Or tell us about that time your brain had a little diabetes-blip and you did something you think is “stupid”. (Because chances are, we’ve done it too!!) Go ahead, brag about your triumph or commiserate about your d-blooper.

This was the extra from last week’s blogging event. While I have had some days when I was sure I was going to go high and was pleasantly surprised not to, those don’t stand out as clearly/individually for me. I have, however, had one very large blooper.

One morning I changed my site and quickly ran out the door to work. I didn’t hit the cancel after I primed and so my meter buzzed at me. I was driving along so I didn’t really look at it and I hit a button. When I felt a buzz again a couple of minutes later I took it out and looked at it and saw that someone I had primed again…13 UNITS and the second buzzing was to say it was complete.

In my head bells and lights started going off. For my non-diabetic readers, I had just given myself more insulin than I take with a full meal. For me, it was enough for about 130 carbs. I really wasn’t sure what to do. I got to work and I checked my blood sugar and was still normal. I also put in a call to my endo and ended up having to leave a message.

I then started consuming some carbs – mostly juice. I didn’t hit a low until about 2 hours later, but it wasn’t uncontrollable. If I hadn’t realized my mistake…well, it would have been scary. When my endo (doctor) called, she said I was doing the right thing but also said she was going to put in a prescription for a Glucagon Emergency Kit. I now carry this in my purse at all times. It basically is a large shot I would give myself that would tell my body to release all stored carbohydrates. Here’s a video .

Blooper survived!


One Response to “Blooper!”

  1. I cannot imagine the kind of stress associated with this sort of “blooper”!! It sounds like you handled it well and did just what the doctor would have ordered! Kudos to you. 🙂

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