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excited, nervous and about 60 other emotions May 17, 2010

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I found out today that my insurance did approve my getting a CGM. They’ll pay 80% of the costs, in other words. So it’ll ship out this week and then I should meet with a nurse next week to start using it.

I’m excited about the additional knowledge (is power) I’ll have from the monitor for things like getting warnings of lows and highs before I feel them and seeing more clearly the effects of different foods on my blood sugar.

I’m nervous about having another piece of equipment to plug into my body. Sometimes it seems like I’m turning into a machine. A real pancreas is so little, but having to have equipment try to mirror is much bulkier.

It will look kinda like this.

It’s going to be weird. Maybe I’ll meet some folks this weekend at the conference to talk about it.


7 Responses to “excited, nervous and about 60 other emotions”

  1. We’ll just call you Becca 2.0! 😉

  2. mom Says:

    if it makes your life safer I am all for having a machine for a daughter

  3. Jacquie Says:

    You will love it! It’s weird at first, especially the funky needle that comes with the Minimed sensors, but it’s worth it.

    A few words of advice:
    – Have a partner handy before you insert the needle. I’ve done it a few times and needed help yanking it out if it’s on the back of my arm or something.
    – Let the sensor “percolate” for about an hour before you hook up the transmitter
    – You can get them to last longer than 3 days! Just restart ’em!

  4. mewithd Says:

    Good luck with the CGMS start! It’s a bit daunting at first, but you’ll get used to it! I hope it works great for you!

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