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Pay attention to what I’m eating and then some? May 19, 2010

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“I want you to really pay attention to your food this week. The color, the texture, the taste. You’d be surprised how little attention we pay to food.”

I knew I wouldn’t be surprised. I normally eat out at a loud restaurant or while watching TV or with a group of friends or in front of my computer. The frequency that I’m eating and paying attention to it are very rare.

Having said that, I do actually enjoy the food I eat. But, really concentrating on why is interesting. Take asparagus. On Monday I updated my FB status that I had asparagus and cod baking. You would’ve thought I said I was eating cat instead of asparagus by the reactions I got. People don’t love it? What?!

So while I ate it, I thought about why I love it.

First of all, it’s easy to cook. Cut off the ends (not the pretty one!), drizzle some olive oil and role it around and then bake for 15-20 minutes. Add salt and seasoning if you like, but I like it just like that. Though it’s fine uncooked in a salad too.

I like the color too. It’s bright! Green seems like one of the colors of health to me.

I like the texture. It’s crisp and soft at the same time.

Last but not least, I like the taste. Very slight bitterness, but mostly well rounded. A little juicy when cooked. Green. It is green and it tastes green.

Okay, so it’s not super easy to describe, but it was nice to think about it why I enjoy it while enjoying it.


2 Responses to “Pay attention to what I’m eating and then some?”

  1. ChipMac Says:

    I like baked asparagus cooked just that way. 🙂

  2. mom Says:

    well you certainly make it sound worth eating and I am so glad you got you love for green vegetables from somewhere, must have been your papa.

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