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Wait? Do you have a 3rd nipple? May 26, 2010

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During my long, traveling weekend I was around a lot more mirrors than I normally am. This was due to mirror-full elevators, meeting rooms and hotel rooms. During one of my elevator rides I noticed that the combination of my new t-shirt and the placement of my infusion set made it look like I had a 3rd nipple coming out of my belly.

Being the generation that I am, I immediately thought of Chandler Bing. That was a funny episode of Friends when he admits to his deformity.

Okay it was funnier when it didn’t look like I had the deformity too.

This will be my first full summer with a meter…and soon a CGM. I guess I really am going to have to think about placement since summer clothes are much thinner than the concealers I wore all summer. Any suggestions?


4 Responses to “Wait? Do you have a 3rd nipple?”

  1. ChipMac Says:

    Actually, the first thing I thought of was “Total Recall”. LOL

  2. What about wearing layered shirts? Lots of girls wear those tank top shirts with the lace or embellishments on the bottom under their t-shirts and such. They look cute, I think.

    • Well, it’s not really a problem. Sometimes it’s visible and some times not…even two-shirts, if they were like those, would show it though…and the CGM that I’ll start wearing next week.

  3. Jacquie Says:

    Oh, how I wish I had a kick-ass suggestion. I think I’ve just become numb to the third nipple effect. Sometimes you just have to embrace it.

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