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It’s really only been two hours? June 28, 2010

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First of all, the frustration isn’t really just from this morning. I haven’t used my CGM in a few days. It came out while I was sleeping on Thursday night. That annoyed me so I set it to the side. Then, yesterday, I was doing some volunteering in the crazy heat. I couldn’t figure out why my levels were going up, up, up, up, over 300. Boo. Oh, look, my pump site just came disconnected. That never happened before. More fun. I got home and took a shot and went to bed. I know I should’ve probably hooked the pump up then…but it was just so darn hot and I wanted to wait until I showered and got around this morning.

So, morning, after tossing in turning, reared it’s head. I took a cold shower (see the many comments about heat) and got dressed. New pump site. New sensor site (which I haven’t been able to do without bleeding and an OUCH). My drive to work is about the length of time I’m supposed to wait for the sensor to “wet” so I get to the garage and hook it up. No green light. I come inside and go to the bathroom and it finally lights. Great. All set. Right? No.

I keep getting the buzzing that the signal is weak – that my pump isn’t close enough to my sensor. They are TOUCHING! It even lost signal once. Oh, and I’m wearing a dress so dealing with all these alarms is even more annoying.

And I started back on a med my doctor wants me to take yesterday and am SUPER sick to my stomach. Blah.

Oh, and my blood sugar was 300 this morning.

Happy Monday! I had a Dilbert (wasn’t able to easily put it up here ’cause of my lack of patience) where the last square had a girl asking Dilbert “Do you need a hug” and he said, “Only if you can squeeze hard enough to kill me.” Me and you both, Dilbert!


Dentist Interest June 23, 2010

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I know a lot of people hate going to the dentist. I wouldn’t say I *love* it, but it’s one of the places that I seem to always get good reports, so it’s not so bad. At least, that’s how I’ve always thought about it in my head. Apparently my body is not in full agreement. Yesterday afternoon I headed for my semi-annual appointment. When I got there I took a look at my pump reports. It had been hours since I had eaten but my BS had gone from 116 when I left the house to 165 by the time I got to the office. Haha. Without the CGM, I never would have known. I started reading a magazine and dropped to 150. I stayed there until my exam ended. I showed it to my dentist at the end. I thought he would get a kick out of it, but he said, “Oh, now I feel bad!” I showed it to the front desk too. Maybe it’s weird that I’m showing these things to strangers, but it was really amusing to me and I wanted to share it.


Bloody blood! June 21, 2010

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Okay, I don’t have anything as dramatic as the title to say, but I have been thinking about blood today. I read this awesome post this morning that made me think of it first. Why, yes, I have experienced this – well, except for the tissue part. I definitely curse under my breath when I poke a finger and no blood comes out. I frequently look at my fingertips, especially when they’re wet, and am amazed at all the little holes they hold. To think there are wasted ones is maddening!

Related to the above, is when I poke your finger and only get a little blood out. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze….and then scrape as best you can to fill up the strip. It’s success when a tiny drop doesn’t give you an error!

But that’s just part of it. As I’ve mentioned, I’m seeing some bleeding with my sensor insertions. This morning, for example, it didn’t hurt when I put the sensor in…so I jumped in the car to head to work right after. When I got to the parking garage I went to attach the second piece and there was quite a bit of blood at the site. A little even got on my, fortunately red, dress. So I had to apply some pressure and wait a few minutes before covering it up Any time I look at it for the next few days that I wear this site I’ll see the sealed in blood.

Diabetes is not for faint of heart or the people that pass out when they see blood!


Planning and learning

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One of the things with my sensor is I’m finding it requires more planning than my pump. My pump is pretty automatic to me now. However, this new thing with alarms is different. Friday night I was going to sleep and suddenly got an alarm that I needed a new sensor. I had already run the one that was in twice so I just pulled it out. Sleep! And, okay, I didn’t put a new one in until this morning. I’m not really sure why I didn’t do it Saturday. Maybe I was feeling a little overwhelmed from the devices and needed a partial break. I was glad to start again. I’d like to figure out how to prevent bleeding with a new sensor. I am using my new adhesive thingies and they are much better than what came with the sensor.

Planning also comes into play more with dresses. For the first time in ages, I’ve really been into dresses lately. I haven’t figured out a good place for my pump. I know some people recommend at the bra, but that’s a bit cleavage blocking and uncomfortable to me. Maybe I need to buy a leg strap? Anyway, in addition i have to plan updating my sensor with my dress on and is suddenly something I can’t do in public!! I can give myself insulin fine since i know the buttons on the pump.

Anyway, just thinking…


And we began to rock….steady! June 15, 2010

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I accept all blame if you are singing now. “Steady rocking all night long!”

The past two days have been AWESOME when watching my little graphs. I don’t think I’ve gone over 170, even with meals (and ice cream). It feels like magic! Looking at my pump with it’s pretty graphs is encouraging me to have even tighter control. I woke up this morning and saw that my body had behaved beautifully while I was sleeping. It was a great way to start the day.

By tomorrow the new adhesive covers for the CGM should be in and I think I’ll be rocking and rolling even better.

Back to the song, it’s my theme for my CGM right now.

You were all that I anticipated
I wanted you — Every part but I knew that love would be complicated
I began to touch — But you wouldnt let it
It never seemed to be the right time
I started to give up — down to the limit
And then you changed your mind

And we begin to rock steady
Steady rockin all night long
And we begin to rock steady
Rockin till the break of dawn


Sweat = not good for my CGM June 13, 2010

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Yesterday morning I got up and was excited that I needed to change my sensor and my pump site – it meant I could take a shower without any devices attached. Afterwards I got both running…or so I thought.

First, I’m walking around – it was super hot – and feel that my cover thing for my sensor is coming off. A little later I find the sensor has come completely disconnected from my body! It could’ve just fallen to the ground – which would’ve been quite expensive. I did find it though and threw it in my d-bag. Meanwhile I spent the day with INSANE highs. I couldn’t get under 250 despite not eating and walking and walking and walking. I even skipped all the sweet wines. My friend would try anything described as “sweet” first and then tell me if I should try it. I got home and decided to do a new infusion set for my pump, as well as doing a new sensor. Good call. The infusion set was ALL bent up in a wacky way. I hadn’t been getting insulin all day. New sensor. New pump. Both worked better the second time.

Today, however, was another day walking around in the heat for another festival. Once again the adhesive for the sensor wadded up and started coming off. I kept it in this time until I got home. Other than getting a flat belly are there any tricks to keeping this from happening?

Outside of the sweaty issues, I am loving having the CGM. It’s interesting to see the numbers over time. It was pretty off this morning, but has been pretty accurate otherwise.


What I’m learning June 11, 2010

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Frustration! Okay, it’s not new but now I have suspicions confirmed by being able to stare at my pump for hours straight. I eat food. I bolus for it right before generally. An hour goes by…nothing. Second hour my blood sugar starts rising and rising and rising. I’m not getting arrows (meaning that it’s going super fast). But it’s not until the third hour that my insulin seems to kick in. So for that second hour I feel like CRAP. I gotta talk to my doctor about how to adjust. I can’t just treat more or I’ll go looooooooow. Any diabetics have suggestions?