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Small doses June 7, 2010

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I’m a project manager, which means I plan a lot of things at work. In my personal life, however, I often find myself with a few plans and just making up the rest as I go. In general, this hasn’t been a super productive way of life for me. So I’m starting some structure this week. I made up a plan called “small doses” and it has a few things listed for each day (through Friday) that includes what I will eat at meals, what chores I will do and what exercise I will do that day. I have two meals planned out so I made myself go look up their menus, get some nutritional info (from other sites) and make my choices now. It’s not very spontaneous, I know, but it means I’m deciding ahead of time what sounds good AND is good for me. This removes making an emotional decision for something that shouldn’t be emotional. I’m also committing to eating at home on the other days instead of giving in to going out for less healthy options – and saving some money. The chores are a big one because I procrastinate…partly because it feels like I have so much to do. I tried to do daily break downs that will take half an hour or less. So, I’m giving it a try…!


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