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Day One with the CGM June 10, 2010

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All this waiting and planning had finally reached the start day. A nurse was due at my house at 9:15. I got up early to do some last-minute cleaning, shower and set-up the box of supplies. The nurse, Gail, was greeted by a loud bark that may have taken her a bit aback. She, oddly, was more concerned that Annabelle would jump on her than that she would bite her. My pooch doesn’t do either, so we were safe.

We started by walking through some training of doing the actual insert. It’s a little weird because there are several steps, including some that aren’t intuitive. I practiced once on a gel pad before doing the first injection of the sensor into my belly. My first reaction was that the needle looked big and the procedure is a little complicated. Gail asked if I was nervous and I admitted I was a little nervous.

So then I did all the fancy steps to put my first sensor in. I did okay, though I was a little grossed out that there was some bleeding (I don’t get that with my pump). I had some trouble pulling out the needle. After you put it in you have to wait 30 minutes before hooking up the transmitter. While we were waiting we walked through some other training materials. Then we hooked up the transmitter…the green light didn’t come on. Crap. Gail told me that she’s been doing this for years and I’m only the second patient she’s had not get a green light on the first try. Do I win a prize?! No, I just had to take that one out and do another one. More bleeding/pain. This time we got my pump all ready and connected to the transmitter while waiting for the acclimation period. We made the decisions of what highs and lows I want to start alerting me and how often I want them to continue to do so. It was pretty interesting stuff. This time when we hooked up the transmitter we got the green light. Yay!

By afternoon I was able to start watching my numbers. I treated a slight high earlier than I would have, because I wouldn’t have checked for it until dinner. It was interesting, from eating dinner, to see what the delay was before my levels started raising. And, after I had a high, I was glad to see that I had been pretty right before about how long it takes to come down (longer than the 2 hour number my doctor had mentioned).

I’m not always great at checking before bed, but the prospect of being awaken if I didn’t, encouraged me to do so. If I don’t check within 12 hours I’ll start getting an alarm. Doh! No night-time alarms for my first night though.

The plastic shield that goes over the transmitter and sensor was loose this morning so I put another on top of it. That also doesn’t seem to be covering well. Getting good at the placement of that might be one of the things I have to learn to do. I think there was a little bleeding over night too, which is new for me.

The variation between finger sticks and this reading is 20-40 PERCENT. That’s quite a range. It said I was at 150 earlier and my finger stick said 119. I am to treat based on the finger sticks.

I’ve seen some inclines from stress today. I actually went up 10 points just by waking up. Weird.

It’s going to be enlightening…


2 Responses to “Day One with the CGM”

  1. Jacquie Says:

    Good luck! The differences between the CGM and the fingerstick can be pretty frustrating at times, but after a while you get a hang of it. Also, I find that sensors from the same box tend to behave similarly — for example, they’ll all not catch lows, or they’ll all last 6 days instead of 7.

  2. mom Says:

    I am so glad you wrote all that out so I could understand it better. I didn’t mean to say you wrote it for that reason just that after reading it I have a better understanding. My heart really hurts knowing what you are going thru. I love and respect you more everyday.

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