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Sweat = not good for my CGM June 13, 2010

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Yesterday morning I got up and was excited that I needed to change my sensor and my pump site – it meant I could take a shower without any devices attached. Afterwards I got both running…or so I thought.

First, I’m walking around – it was super hot – and feel that my cover thing for my sensor is coming off. A little later I find the sensor has come completely disconnected from my body! It could’ve just fallen to the ground – which would’ve been quite expensive. I did find it though and threw it in my d-bag. Meanwhile I spent the day with INSANE highs. I couldn’t get under 250 despite not eating and walking and walking and walking. I even skipped all the sweet wines. My friend would try anything described as “sweet” first and then tell me if I should try it. I got home and decided to do a new infusion set for my pump, as well as doing a new sensor. Good call. The infusion set was ALL bent up in a wacky way. I hadn’t been getting insulin all day. New sensor. New pump. Both worked better the second time.

Today, however, was another day walking around in the heat for another festival. Once again the adhesive for the sensor wadded up and started coming off. I kept it in this time until I got home. Other than getting a flat belly are there any tricks to keeping this from happening?

Outside of the sweaty issues, I am loving having the CGM. It’s interesting to see the numbers over time. It was pretty off this morning, but has been pretty accurate otherwise.


2 Responses to “Sweat = not good for my CGM”

  1. Lindsey Says:

    Hey! I just wrote you a FB message about the Tegaderm Film Dressings (if that’s not what you’re already using). I realized there are a million different kinds….I use Tegaderm Film Dressing Frame Style 1624W. They’ve been strong enough to hold the sensor on even on sweaty days for me (the edges don’t start to peel up like the first kind I tried used to). To order them online just Google Tegaderm 1624W or you could call any pharmacy or medical supplier you use and check with them 🙂 Let me know if these don’t work for you!!!

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