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Bloody blood! June 21, 2010

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Okay, I don’t have anything as dramatic as the title to say, but I have been thinking about blood today. I read this awesome post this morning that made me think of it first. Why, yes, I have experienced this – well, except for the tissue part. I definitely curse under my breath when I poke a finger and no blood comes out. I frequently look at my fingertips, especially when they’re wet, and am amazed at all the little holes they hold. To think there are wasted ones is maddening!

Related to the above, is when I poke your finger and only get a little blood out. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze….and then scrape as best you can to fill up the strip. It’s success when a tiny drop doesn’t give you an error!

But that’s just part of it. As I’ve mentioned, I’m seeing some bleeding with my sensor insertions. This morning, for example, it didn’t hurt when I put the sensor in…so I jumped in the car to head to work right after. When I got to the parking garage I went to attach the second piece and there was quite a bit of blood at the site. A little even got on my, fortunately red, dress. So I had to apply some pressure and wait a few minutes before covering it up Any time I look at it for the next few days that I wear this site I’ll see the sealed in blood.

Diabetes is not for faint of heart or the people that pass out when they see blood!


2 Responses to “Bloody blood!”

  1. colleen Says:

    Hi Becca!

    Thanks for the hint today about clothes shopping. Did you buy your pump belt or make it yourself?

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