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Lunch = FAIL, also CGM update July 12, 2010

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I guess preparation doesn’t guarantee success! I think the problem with my lunch today was some of the veggies weren’t from this most recent pick-up. I also included carrots, which I’ve never liked. So I threw my steam bag in the microwave and then poured it in a bowl. It looked pretty with all the colors. Bite. Blech. Bite. Blech. Bite. OMG, can I even swallow this? The chicken was “fine.”

I grabbed a bag of chips from the vending machine.

I read some tips on how to make the steaming a little tastier and might try tomorrow or might throw out the prepared bag and make something fresh.

I live, I learn.

I also realized I haven’t updated on the CGM lately. I have probably worn it half the time I have it. Overall, I love the data but hate the device. It HURTS and leaves sores. It’s also needy – forget to test before bed and that thing is going to wake me up to test. I don’t like that sometimes the variation between the real numbers is so large (20-40%). BUT, I do feel safer when I have it on. I can take a quick look to see what changes are happening without having to test non-stop. So, I’ll keep trying, but imagine it won’t be non-stop.


2 Responses to “Lunch = FAIL, also CGM update”

  1. Sarah E. Welch Says:

    Tips for making your healthy food taste better:
    – For steamed veggies, add in some seasoning–garlic powder, onion powder, ginger, soy, whatever works for you. The more exotic, the more interested my tastebuds become.
    – Cook batches of chicken with different sauces all in the oven at the same time. I use 9″ round cake pans to cook a couple of breasts with different treatments–bbq, thai peanut, lemon pepper, etc.
    – One of my fave new salads is shredded up leftover thai peanut chicken over spinach with red bell pepper, mushrooms, and cucumber in a sesame ginger dressing. Yum! No need for cheese.

    Spices really help keep your food interesting without adding fat or extra calories. Try to find an awesome spice shop near you that you can buy just the amounts you want (no huge bottle of morrocan mix, for example), bonus if they grind their stuff fresh daily. If you can’t find an awesome local joint, try Savory Spice or The Spice House online.

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