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kinks July 19, 2010

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Saturday was to be a very exciting, fully day. I woke up and put in a new pump and sensor. However, I did this on my way out the door and after my sensor had time to “wet” I realized I didn’t have a cover/adhesive for it. Crap. Okay, well, I figured I’d just be careful and watch it. It did bleed a lot so I wanted to get from it what I could.

Then I went and dropped off my wonderful St. Bernard, Annabelle to stay the night with a friend. Check.

Then I went to a favorite restaurant where I was dropping off concert tickets that I was selling to a stranger. Check.

A bit ahead of schedule and realized it was 1 and I hadn’t eaten. I test and am at 189 so I bolus for the high and my meal.

Went out on a date and had two beers. Good time.

Head to the hotel to meet up with the bachelorette party. As I was preparing my little purse I check and get a 351. Um…um…um. Okay, so I didn’t bring back-up pump supplies because i was only going away for one night. Crud. No back-up insulin either. Crud. So I pull out the pump site and sure enough there’s a big kink that shows why my body is not getting any insulin.

I then take the one (used) needle in my purse and draw some insulin out of the pump reservoir. I spent the next four hours rage bolusing like this with no success. I got down to 268 at one point but then went back over 300 not long after.

I ended up abandoning the bachlorette party to go home and deal. I felt bad, since this was for a dear friend, but didn’t really feel like I had a choice. Oh, and I ran out of strips from all the testing. Why didn’t I bring a back up bottle?

I was annoyed with myself for not being better prepared. I know my excuse was that I would be away from home for less than 24 hours, but I did know it was a new site and this “could” happen, though it normally doesn’t.

I’m back to normal now. I happen to go see my endo today though I won’t have my A1C yet – should get it in the next week. I just printed out all my reports and am consistently running a little high (not like the 350) so am hoping we make some changes.

Darn diabetes. Darn kinks. Darn not being prepared!


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