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Things I like about going to see my endo July 20, 2010

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I see my endocrinologist every three months. And, unlike a lot of doctor visits, I actually look forward to it. Here are the things I like about it:

-I’m greeted by Ruth who is at the front desk. She is so smiley and nice. She also remembers my name. I find it amazing. She is always super helpful and will give me samples when I ask which saves me $$.

-My doctor is good. She’s very thorough and doesn’t rush our appointments even if she’s behind. I use this knowledge to be less frustrated if I’m kept waiting too, knowing that she’s just taking care of someone else in the same way.

-I like to talk through the numbers and hear the praise for things working and then coming up with plans for things that are not. It makes me feel less like I’m in alone.

-I like the knee-kick, reflex test. I have super good reflexes and have to remind my doc to stay back.

-I like the feet test to make sure I still have all my feeling.

-I like to see the lab results. That didn’t happen this time but I did get the lab work done yesterday and had one of the best ever blood-drawing experiences.

-I like that I know when I’m going to go again. Structure.

I don’t like: the scales. Gotta work on that one.


2 Responses to “Things I like about going to see my endo”

  1. Olivejooice Says:

    I love the reflex test! My previous endo never actually did the foot feeling thingy and when my new endo pulled out that little tickler, I had no idea what it was for. I felt very dumb!

    Its nice to see someone listing things they LIKE about the doctor! Great attitude!

  2. […] Let me just preface by saying that I do appreciate you. However, you are confusing! I tested you at midnight and you were at 218. I gave you the insulin that’s required to bring you down. Woke up and tested and was at 287. WTF?! Hopefully it’ll come down now and I can be set for eating lunch. Meanwhile, YAWN! When we go high, it makes me sleeeeeeepy. It’s so hard for me to concentrate on the endless work meetings in this state. Must persevere. If the pump isn’t working, no worries, I have a pen full of insulin thanks to Ruth. […]

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