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Darn feet July 21, 2010

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About 18 months ago I had surgery on my left big toe. Since then, I get infections on that toe off and on. I apparently have to wear shoes with a wide “toe box” or else my second toe will rub the big toe and an infection starts.

I just want to say – it’s quite annoying.

I had a new one start this week and fortunately have some antibiotics from the last one. Since I saw the foot doc last month, I really don’t want to go again. I know he’ll say I need to wear a cotton ball between my toes. Do you know how annoying that is to do every day?! I did ask if he meant all the time and he said, “well, any time you wear shoes.”

Therefore, I think I should be able to work bare-footed! Here, here!

P.S. I’m whiny ’cause it hurts!


2 Responses to “Darn feet”

  1. OMGsh…I am so crazy about my feet. I can’t stand for my toes to touch anything…I used to not be able to wear flip flops, ’cause I couldn’t stand the thing in between my toes. Even now I am very picky about what kind I will wear! (NO JOKE!) I could NEVER keep a cotton ball between them.

    What about a band-aid, though? That might not be as bad…you can get those cute little cartoon character ones or even the see through…Hmmm.

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