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Diabetes Art Day August 31, 2010

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Participating! Diabetes Art Day

Background on the canvas is poured out wine. The strips are a change from black to blue that all made it into a purse. Strips, strips, strips.

SWD = Single White Diabetic. Only the first word is subject to change…


Quick share

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Amazing poem.

I read it today and was left teary-eyed.


Back-ups for the back-ups? August 30, 2010

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Just the title alone makes me groan. I emptied my pump, after some odd highs, on Saturday. Decided for Sunday to just do shots with the pen I have as a back-up. Apparently that pen was bad – after fighting crazy highs all day I decided to just give in and reconnect my pump with fresh insulin. I was back to normal in no time. Annoying when the back-up doesn’t work though!!

I had a super busy weekend. I’m really at a point of trying to make some positive modifications to my lifestyle, but it’s not with ease and grace. No matter what I do that big D is hanging out there with me reacting to changes.


Thankful Thursdays 5 August 26, 2010

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Another long day and busy week has resulted in many emotions from stress to happy things. Today, however, is just to focus on what I’m thankful for in a week of the life.

1. The blessed wedding of my friend Lisa. Here we are together.

2. Catching up with some dear friends. Who doesn’t love a legs shot?

3. Counting down to seeing my Arkansas peeps and family. Less than two weeks, yo.

4. Old Bay wings.

5. Fall weather. It’ll be gone by the weekend, but has been awesome and had me sleeping well this week.

6. The suggestion of “IT Crowd” on Netflix from my friend Jeremy. Hi-lar-i-ous.

7. A weekend that’s pretty free for “me-me-me” time.

8. A nice walk around the harbor at lunch today. What’s up with all those crabs just hanging out? I don’t know, but it was so cool to see.

9. Singing in the car. LOVE it.

10. Continuing to discover myself. Part of myself is being diabetic and the DOC is amazing!!!


Fundraising for Diabetes! August 25, 2010

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Dear Friends and Family,

As you know, I have been living with diabetes for 2.5 years now. In the past I have done fund-raising for various organizations, but decided to dedicate this year’s effort to my disease in hopes of seeing progress and a cure in my lifetime. I invite you today to join my team, if you are in the Baltimore area, or help by making a donation. With your support, there’s hope!

Funds donated are tax-deductible and proceeds will go to help the American Diabetes Association to provide community-based education programs, protect the rights of people with diabetes and fund critical research for a cure.

Please contact me at for more information or visit our Team Web page using the link below. Thank you in advance for any help and support you can provide. Together we can stop diabetes. One step at a time.

Thanks you,
Becca Schwoch

Click here to visit my personal page.
If the text above does not appear as a clickable link, you can visit the web address:

Click here to view the team page for NBC Jaycees
If the text above does not appear as a clickable link, you can visit the web address:



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Life has been pretty busy/stressful over the past week and I neglected writing about it.

Some good things happened – like my friend Lisa got married. I very much enjoyed being part of her special day and had great blood sugars all day. Woohoo! A fellow diabetic looked over my sugar when I was checking at the reception and was also impressed.

Speaking of testing, I am not really a fan of other people wanting to actually know what my blood sugar is. It’s like weight to me. If I want to share it, I will. Last night I had dinner with another fellow-diabetic (both examples are type 2’s) and tested before we ate and said, “Oh, I’m at 113! Nice!” But when people ask it bothers me. I will tell people if I’m high or low, but I think the specifics are up to me.

Speaking of weight, I’m part of a “Biggest Loser” competition from now through the end of October. I keep track of my weight but hope this provides some extra motivation. I’m not asking for it externally though, just seeing what happens.

Speaking of keeping track, I am doing that thing of writing down what I eat/drink. Not dieting, just wanting to monitor better.

I don’t have a good transition for this one, but we are having fall-ish weather in Maryland and I love it!

And the countdown to AR is now 15 days! woot!


Thankful Thursday’s 4 August 19, 2010

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This week it’s really on Thursday – I double checked. I have to admit, of all the weeks so far, this is the hardest to be thankful. I even contemplated a completely whiny post. However, I realized that all of the things I have to complain about are not really that bad and that all lead back to fortunate things in my life. In the grand scheme of our life, my complaints are pretty shallow. Can I complain about a bad driver when it means I have a car and paved roads and such? Can I complain about a stressful day on the job when it means I’m working at a job that affords me flexibility, health insurance and decent pay? No.

*high fives self*

Without further ado, I’m thankful for at least 10 things right now:
1. Some awesomely cool temps over the last week – one morning it was 68. Woohoo!
2. The opportunity to learn how to handle some new challenges at work. No really…
3. Being part of an awesome friend’s wedding tomorrow. She is wonderful and deserves a lifetime of love and happiness!
4. An equally awesome friend who is helping me take pictures. SUPER thankful for this one right now!
5. Getting to catch up with a lot of friend’s tomorrow at the wedding/reception! Three cheers for not having to drive anywhere – hotel is right there! Yay! I wouldn’t mind another day of being sore from dancing.
6. The chance to introduce my “little sister” to the Book Thing on Sunday!
7. Seeing all the wonderful pictures of kids I know starting to school. Here are some cute examples of what made me smile!
8. My countdown to seeing my family and friends in Arkansas – will be there 9/9 – 9/18. Yay!
9. How much thinking of things that I’m thankful of has improved my mood.
10. Getting a replacement phone last week so I can talk to my mama. 🙂