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CGM, drip, drip, drip August 9, 2010

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I’ve used it several times now and it’s always some bleeding. Today was more than the norm…though not a gusher. After the half hour wait of putting int he sensor, there was still blood to wipe away. Still, I connected it and it worked (green lights) so I put on the cover. I looked at it tonight and there’s dried blood in the covering. Ew. So do I leave it for a few days, since it’s stopped, or change it? Changing it risks pulling it out. If I were “with someone,” I would be more bothered that someone else would see it.

It’s a weird thing. Still, I do really love the info. It makes me check more regularly and it gives a lot more data. Right now it’s saying I need some insulin before I go to sleep. 10-4, good buddy.


3 Responses to “CGM, drip, drip, drip”

  1. ChipMac Says:

    I would think if you were “with someone”, they would understand and not be bothered at all, IMHO.

    Sometimes we don’t give our friends enough credit. 🙂

  2. Well, I was more saying it would bother ME. 🙂 I looked at it again this morning and it’s pretty gross!

  3. Cara Says:

    I usually leave it in unless the readings start becoming crazy.

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