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Stubborn August 9, 2010

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Some days my body seems more stubborn than others. As I mentioned, I didn’t sleep with my pump the past two days, so wasn’t surprised to find I was running high this morning. But I “plugged in” my pump and my CGM before work. (Yes, there was lots of bleeding from the CGM. Ugh.) I adjusted for the high. Barely a budge 90 minutes later. Does it mean my infusion set is kinked up or is it just going slow? Who knows. I did bring my lunch in today so feel pretty comfortable with knowing the carb count to try to adjust for lunch. And I do have some back-up insulin. It’s just deciding when to use it. Right now I’m sitting around 250 and am sleeeeeeeeeepy!

I am planning to hit the gym after work and do some yard work so am hoping to stop my pump for a bit if I can get the levels down before then.

C’mon, body!


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