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Diabetes through my eyes August 10, 2010

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I found these in the bottom of my purse today when cleaning out receipts:

The bloody CGM I pulled out:

The bruise that was on my belly that made me pull out the above (and caused from the above):

The tester that I’ll use as the backup until I’m ready to try the CGM again:


10 Responses to “Diabetes through my eyes”

  1. mom Says:

    I love you and pray for a cure so you don’t always have to go through this. I love you sweet daughter.

  2. Amanda Krell Says:

    I admire you for sharing your ups and downs with diabetes. My ex husband is a type one diabetic, so I do know to a certain extent to what you are going through. Hang in there! Surely modern science can figure out a cure or at least a better way to manage the disease.

  3. I am really glad you started this blog so that I (and others) can understand the every day struggles you face both good and bad. I love you sweet girl and I’m with your mom on praying for a cure.

  4. sherry schwoch Says:

    i am living with diabetes and they cant seem to get my sugar to regulate i am on 100 units of inslin and three other diabetic pills and still no help I suffer greatly from the sharp pains in my legs and feet to the point of tears so please someone find a cure and soon for all of us

  5. Lindsey Says:

    Hey Becca,

    Can unfortunately relate all too well to your pictures. Seeing that you have painful sites, false readings, days of not wanting to wear the CGM, etc but STILL stick with it (because it gives us the best data possible) is really inspiring and encouraging! Thanks for posting. (And the test strips in your purse made me laugh really hard because I have SO many strips at the bottom of every single purse, bag, pocket, etc). Hope all is going well.

    Keep in touch,

    • Some blog had posted pictures of the random places test strips end up and it is pretty funny. Those little things get everywhere!! I hope you are doing well – I’m ready for another diabetes conference!! 🙂

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