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It’s just that kind of week August 13, 2010

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I didn’t realize until this morning that I did Thankful Thursdays on Wednesday. Haha. Such a goof. That’s just the kind of week I am having. I also did something new at work. I was already running late this morning but needed to refill my pump. I threw all the supplies in my purse and did it in the office. It’s funny that I never realized how noisy it is when I do it at home. I do heart my pump. I feel so much better when it’s plugged into my belly.

Exciting, low-key weekend ahead. I plan to take my pooch to a “Wine & Wag” event tonight – she gets to play with dogs, I get happy hour – good times for all!

Tomorrow my plans are roughly: sleep-in, farmer’s market, cleaning, pool, housewarming for a friend.

Sunday is OPEN! Woohoo! I ordered a couple of books that will be in today or tomorrow so I plan to work on reading and organizing at a nice leisurely pace.

Anyone have a more exciting weekend planned?

Update: Wine & Wag was canceled. Sad.


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