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Thankful Thursday’s 4 August 19, 2010

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This week it’s really on Thursday – I double checked. I have to admit, of all the weeks so far, this is the hardest to be thankful. I even contemplated a completely whiny post. However, I realized that all of the things I have to complain about are not really that bad and that all lead back to fortunate things in my life. In the grand scheme of our life, my complaints are pretty shallow. Can I complain about a bad driver when it means I have a car and paved roads and such? Can I complain about a stressful day on the job when it means I’m working at a job that affords me flexibility, health insurance and decent pay? No.

*high fives self*

Without further ado, I’m thankful for at least 10 things right now:
1. Some awesomely cool temps over the last week – one morning it was 68. Woohoo!
2. The opportunity to learn how to handle some new challenges at work. No really…
3. Being part of an awesome friend’s wedding tomorrow. She is wonderful and deserves a lifetime of love and happiness!
4. An equally awesome friend who is helping me take pictures. SUPER thankful for this one right now!
5. Getting to catch up with a lot of friend’s tomorrow at the wedding/reception! Three cheers for not having to drive anywhere – hotel is right there! Yay! I wouldn’t mind another day of being sore from dancing.
6. The chance to introduce my “little sister” to the Book Thing on Sunday!
7. Seeing all the wonderful pictures of kids I know starting to school. Here are some cute examples of what made me smile!
8. My countdown to seeing my family and friends in Arkansas – will be there 9/9 – 9/18. Yay!
9. How much thinking of things that I’m thankful of has improved my mood.
10. Getting a replacement phone last week so I can talk to my mama. 🙂



5 Responses to “Thankful Thursday’s 4”

  1. michael Says:

    I’m thankful for having 2 furry friends who greet me at the door. It’s great having my own personal fan club (even if the only 2 members are both dogs).

  2. mom Says:

    It makes me smile when I read your comments on Thurs, then Debbie and talk about it, didn’t know you were so popular did you? Love you and it was really nice to see all the pictures of the happy children going back to school.

  3. Debbie Says:

    Thursday is my favorite day, you inspire me to be a better person !!! Keep doing your blog because you really don’t know how many lives you have touched. I’m thankful for you!!!! Love you 🙂

    • It’s funny how much better really thinking about (and writing it down for me) makes me realize how much I have to be appreciative of. Hope to see you when I come to see mom – love ya, lady!

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