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Oops! August 25, 2010

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Life has been pretty busy/stressful over the past week and I neglected writing about it.

Some good things happened – like my friend Lisa got married. I very much enjoyed being part of her special day and had great blood sugars all day. Woohoo! A fellow diabetic looked over my sugar when I was checking at the reception and was also impressed.

Speaking of testing, I am not really a fan of other people wanting to actually know what my blood sugar is. It’s like weight to me. If I want to share it, I will. Last night I had dinner with another fellow-diabetic (both examples are type 2’s) and tested before we ate and said, “Oh, I’m at 113! Nice!” But when people ask it bothers me. I will tell people if I’m high or low, but I think the specifics are up to me.

Speaking of weight, I’m part of a “Biggest Loser” competition from now through the end of October. I keep track of my weight but hope this provides some extra motivation. I’m not asking for it externally though, just seeing what happens.

Speaking of keeping track, I am doing that thing of writing down what I eat/drink. Not dieting, just wanting to monitor better.

I don’t have a good transition for this one, but we are having fall-ish weather in Maryland and I love it!

And the countdown to AR is now 15 days! woot!


2 Responses to “Oops!”

  1. Congrats to Lisa. I wish her well in her new venture into married life!

    I agree with the numbers! It just opens the door for someone to criticize you about how you are doing something wrong if your numbers are off, right?!

    That’s awesome about the competition. Great motivation if nothing else! Also, journaling what you eat is a great way to put into perspective what is going into your body!

  2. Karen Says:

    I’m with you on the blood testing thing – I hate when people ask me what it was. And I’ve notice T2’s don’t seem to have the wild highs and lows we sometimes get. I have a T2 friend who will say things like “Oh my gosh, what did you do to make it so high” if I have something in the 180s. It really gets on my nerves!!

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