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Thankful Thursdays 5 August 26, 2010

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Another long day and busy week has resulted in many emotions from stress to happy things. Today, however, is just to focus on what I’m thankful for in a week of the life.

1. The blessed wedding of my friend Lisa. Here we are together.

2. Catching up with some dear friends. Who doesn’t love a legs shot?

3. Counting down to seeing my Arkansas peeps and family. Less than two weeks, yo.

4. Old Bay wings.

5. Fall weather. It’ll be gone by the weekend, but has been awesome and had me sleeping well this week.

6. The suggestion of “IT Crowd” on Netflix from my friend Jeremy. Hi-lar-i-ous.

7. A weekend that’s pretty free for “me-me-me” time.

8. A nice walk around the harbor at lunch today. What’s up with all those crabs just hanging out? I don’t know, but it was so cool to see.

9. Singing in the car. LOVE it.

10. Continuing to discover myself. Part of myself is being diabetic and the DOC is amazing!!!


5 Responses to “Thankful Thursdays 5”

  1. Adorable! LOVE the leg shot. The bride was (is) beautiful and you look gorgeous! 🙂

  2. Karchamb Says:

    These pics look fabulous…. do you have the rest posted anywhere? I’m SO upset that I forgot to bring my camera with me!!!

  3. Debbie Says:

    So funny about the crabs……..I so love your thankful thursday!!!!:)

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