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Back-ups for the back-ups? August 30, 2010

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Just the title alone makes me groan. I emptied my pump, after some odd highs, on Saturday. Decided for Sunday to just do shots with the pen I have as a back-up. Apparently that pen was bad – after fighting crazy highs all day I decided to just give in and reconnect my pump with fresh insulin. I was back to normal in no time. Annoying when the back-up doesn’t work though!!

I had a super busy weekend. I’m really at a point of trying to make some positive modifications to my lifestyle, but it’s not with ease and grace. No matter what I do that big D is hanging out there with me reacting to changes.


2 Responses to “Back-ups for the back-ups?”

  1. If you end up with super highs, do look at using a super bolus to correct them. It takes some time to get used to, but works well for me (and others). The big D takes up way too much of our time, still could be worse!

  2. I normally do whatever it is for the formula – are you saying you do more than that?

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