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Long days! August 18, 2010

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Half-way through the week! It’s been a long one. The last two nights have been spent working on issues that came up and weren’t resolved during the day. The extra stress, plus two kinked infusion sets in one week, have made me have higher numbers than are pleasant.

Today, however, is a new day. I woke up to cooler temps and pouring rain – no wonder I slept well. My blood sugar was only slightly high, but well under the 200’s! I made it work and got my favorite spot in the parking garage. The only stressful meeting of the day was canceled. Yay for a new day!

Oh, I’m also counting down until my trip to Arkansas to see my family & BFF. 21 days!


Time to open a new box August 17, 2010

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Had a kinked infusion site for the pump again today. Tired day of trying to adjust around it and not rage bolus too much. But it’d be nice to come down somewhere near an acceptable number. ZzzzzzzZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz………….

This was the last in the box of infusion sets. The next box is a brand new batch so I am hoping there are less of these problems.


Random / Interesting August 15, 2010

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Outside of the Diabetes Sisters weekend I attended, I have only noticed one person with a pump. It was a teenage girl at a pool and I noticed, in her bikini, her site where the pump was unplugged. She was making a quick stop to talk to her dad who was a friend of my friend’s boyfriend. Too many jumps for me to feel comfortable saying something.

Since then I have seen the dad a few times hanging out. It happened to come up on Friday, when it was just the four of us, that I’m also a Type 1. We each bubbled over a bit when it was out in the open (and he really didn’t know before).

There were some interesting things. His daughter is a mid-teen and was diagnosed at 9. I was really diagnosed as an adult.

He was talking about buying a house specifically because it’d have a place she could move into later if needed. Wha…?? That was really how the intro came up. I said “I’m a Type 1 and my mom does NOT need to keep a place for me to move home.” His daughter is healthy and smart and has been on a pump nearly since the beginning. Her A1C stays under 8 and they seem to work at it as a family. My A1C is lower, but I’m older. But I empathize that it’s different for him. He is not diabetic but has had to take care of someone that is. I have only had to take care of me.

He also talked about that she is really into plays and such, but was very upset when an aunt talked about her going to school for drama. He said, “she needs insurance.” It was a mixed feeling for me, and has been since. I hate the idea of someone being told, at 15, that they can’t enter a career because of this disease. But, I also know that it really is necessary for me to have insurance, so can understand it for someone else.

It was such a different experience for me and has really stuck with me this weekend. I have some books and things that I’d like to give to the parents and see if they want to give to their daughter. I’d be so open to talk to her but am not sure that she’d want to talk to a grown-up.

I want to tell her it’s possible for her to do anything and not have to depend on anyone.

And I want to be realistic.

And to hug her.


It’s just that kind of week August 13, 2010

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I didn’t realize until this morning that I did Thankful Thursdays on Wednesday. Haha. Such a goof. That’s just the kind of week I am having. I also did something new at work. I was already running late this morning but needed to refill my pump. I threw all the supplies in my purse and did it in the office. It’s funny that I never realized how noisy it is when I do it at home. I do heart my pump. I feel so much better when it’s plugged into my belly.

Exciting, low-key weekend ahead. I plan to take my pooch to a “Wine & Wag” event tonight – she gets to play with dogs, I get happy hour – good times for all!

Tomorrow my plans are roughly: sleep-in, farmer’s market, cleaning, pool, housewarming for a friend.

Sunday is OPEN! Woohoo! I ordered a couple of books that will be in today or tomorrow so I plan to work on reading and organizing at a nice leisurely pace.

Anyone have a more exciting weekend planned?

Update: Wine & Wag was canceled. Sad.


Thankful Thursdays – 3 August 11, 2010

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It’s my favorite time of the week – the time to think about what I’m thankful for in my life!

1. Groupons! I used two in the past week that were purchased months ago, so it was like getting a free gift now. I got my nails done on Friday with a friend and then my car washed today. My car REALLY needed the wash. It means planning paid off.

2. Sore legs on Monday from dancing so much on Saturday. I’m thankful for the soreness since it means I have working legs and good friends to cause it.

3. Red, red wine it makes me feel so fine. In moderation, of course.

4. Being busy with work; for me it means I’m employed, paid and have benefits.

5. My ability to crack myself up. Maybe if I were a serious person I’d be thankful for that, but I’m not. I’m a silly dork. I’m thankful for the laughter in my life.

6. Bruises on my belly. It means I have the opportunity to use advanced technology to help manage my diabetes.

7. Seasons. Each brings out such different things in our lives. Right now I appreciate the long days.

8. Continuing to learn to accept things. Often I’ve heard people being referred to as getting set in their ways and I like when I can see my ways changing.

9. Opportunities to do good things for the/my world.

10. Love. I’m always thankful for the love in my life. *Smooooooch*


Diabetes through my eyes August 10, 2010

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I found these in the bottom of my purse today when cleaning out receipts:

The bloody CGM I pulled out:

The bruise that was on my belly that made me pull out the above (and caused from the above):

The tester that I’ll use as the backup until I’m ready to try the CGM again:


CGM, drip, drip, drip August 9, 2010

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I’ve used it several times now and it’s always some bleeding. Today was more than the norm…though not a gusher. After the half hour wait of putting int he sensor, there was still blood to wipe away. Still, I connected it and it worked (green lights) so I put on the cover. I looked at it tonight and there’s dried blood in the covering. Ew. So do I leave it for a few days, since it’s stopped, or change it? Changing it risks pulling it out. If I were “with someone,” I would be more bothered that someone else would see it.

It’s a weird thing. Still, I do really love the info. It makes me check more regularly and it gives a lot more data. Right now it’s saying I need some insulin before I go to sleep. 10-4, good buddy.