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Thankful Thursdays – 9 September 30, 2010

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I woke up to rain pouring down and heard about schools closing early! Craziness! However, my world is not feeling so crazy. Actually it’s feeling very nice. Here are just ten of the reasons why.

1. AMAZING feeling that so many folks have donated to my walk.

2. An awesome new CD from Caleb Stine. My favorite lyrics right now are:
There’s no harm in being crazy
If you learn how to hide it at just the right times
And we’re all a little lonely
You just can’t let it on in the check-out lines
They ask you how you’re doing
You just gotta say …… fine.

3. Good news for my mom! Sometimes crossing fingers works, I think.

4. Football season.

5. The people that have said “yes, i can” when I’ve asked their help at work this week.

6. FALL! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE having the door open and the cooler weather. Not to mention I sleep better…

7. A certain friend being able to tell me “like it is” this week. Haha. It’s take a special person to be able to do that, right?!

8. The taste of my cherry chapstick.

9. The art I did this week. I bought supplies when visiting AR earlier this month and had one night this week where I did THREE pieces – one of which, I like so much I might frame.

10. The cute hat I found for “The Event” tomorrow!


Do I live in a different world? September 29, 2010

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Kelly Osborne, who I do like, is being interviewed on a TV show right now and is talking about when she was “fat” (i.e., a size 14). She said things happened like she’d be walking down the street and people would yell out “FATSO.” WTF? Really? I’ll just say that I’m heavier than that (though did look damn good at a 14) and have never had that happen. I’ve lived in cities and the country and just don’t get it. Is it that I somehow have not heard those things or is it more based on a vibe someone gives out?!

I don’t focus this blog on weight, but weight is an issue for me…but not because something like that has happened.



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In my head, and sometimes to my dog, I make up new lyrics to other songs.

This morning I was singing “You gotta keep ’em diabetic” Offspring style. “If you’re under 120, you won’t be doing any time. Hey, hey, come out and play.” haha. I crack myself up.


It’s not always the ‘betes September 27, 2010

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When something feels “off” the first thing I always do is check my blood sugar. Sometimes it helps explains the feelings/oddness/body. Other times it doesn’t.

Today I woke up a few minutes before my alarm and could hear the rain falling outside. I kept my eyes shut and thought to myself of what a really nice Monday would look like. I pictured myself smiling, getting things done, cooking a healthy dinner, exercising, catching up on some to-do’s at home and so forth. And, really, it looked quite nice in my head.

And then I made a move to get up and my body hurt. It wasn’t the diabetes, it was soreness still from being out of shape when I played football on Saturday and took some falls.

And then I got to work and felt overwhelmed pretty instantly. It wasn’t the diabetes, it was just a big project going on.

And then I got really grumpy and frustrated, which is pretty unusual for me…so much so that I did another finger-stick to just be sure…I was magically at 120. Not the diabetes, for sure.

My day continued and it wasn’t what I had imagined. Something was off, but I couldn’t blame it on my disease. It’s just me, I guess. It’s easier to blame it on the ‘betes.


Football + Poor Planning September 26, 2010

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I do a lot of social sports with a great group of friends/people. Right now is the season for fall football. I think it’s my 4th year playing, but yesterday was the first game I was able to make this year due to vacation. I happen to have agreed to be assistant coach and yesterday was also the first game that the real coach couldn’t make.


I went out Friday night and stayed out late. I woke up with a text from my neighbor that one of my tires was low.


By the time I had my tire up I barely had time to make it to the field.

I got there and didn’t feel great.

I cheked my bg…over 250. CRAP.

At the time, only three girls were there and we were all required on the field at once.

Within 3 minutes someone had ran into me (they were going backwards) and knocked me FLAT (and knocked off my pump).

I realized I really felt like I was playing drunk even though I had only had water.

Minutes later I was blocking a girl – we both turned and saw the ball was thrown elsewhere and I just hit the ground again (this time skinning a knee) even though I really didn’t even need to be running.

I took myself out of the game for a bit – even though a friend asked me to come in. I sat down and kept testing myself to get down. I really thinking I was hitting the ground so hard because my body was just not with my head.

Once I got down closer to 200, I got back in and was okay.

Still, it was frustrating.

Did I mention that I didn’t even have any food before the 1 PM game?

Poor, poor planning.


Thankful Thursdays September 23, 2010

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I’m not sure I’ve ever been busier in my career than I am right now, but it often reminds me of the ways I’m very fortunate…and thus am thankful for.

1. My coworkers that came to my neighborhood for dinner this eve. Always makes me feel special when someone comes “to me.”

2. A great deal of work that is progressing and not regressing. I love the opportunities I’m being given. Love.

3. Reuniting, after vacation, with my wonderful Annabelle Leigh.

4. A few days of fall weather – more to come on Sunday.

5. Excitement for football on Saturday. I’m the coach this week, right? haha. It’s funny when you have to ask “um, what does that mean i have to do? Everyone needs a shirt and I should bring some beer? Okay.”

6. Getting email from friends and looking forward to weekend catch-ups. Here’s just one of the culprits:

7. All the wonderful people who have supported me for my upcoming diabetes walk. I’m already over goal for fund-raising (though not as a team) and it makes me feel very lucky.

8. Getting to attend a fun bachlorette party for a friend.

9. Vacation was great!

10. Safe travels.


Why I need to plug my CGM back in September 21, 2010

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I haven’t worn it in probably close to a month. I know I need to. One of the reasons is that it MAKES me test more frequently. And it makes me see if I’m high or low. Today I got up and tested and was at 264. I realized I didn’t test any time after dinner. Clearly I had under-bolused.

But I sure don’t like it. I don’t like the pain. I don’t like the extra bulk. I don’t like more beeping or vibrating from my pump.

But I want to have a good A1C and be healthier, so I will plug it into my belly after a shower this evening. No waiting for morning. Nope, none of that.