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More accessories / decorations for the diabetic. September 8, 2010

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I am pretty sure I will never say that I love diabetes, but if I have to have it…I do love being able to decorate it. 🙂

Since I got a new pump yesterday, I decided to create a new wrapper for it. None of the designs on the site caught my eye – I liked the pink paisley I had before, but was ready for something new. I ended up making my own. I have the Ravens logo and the rest is a nice shade of purple. I’m so excited about it that I had it mailed to my mom’s house since I’ll be there tomorrow. Can’t wait to see it!!

I also read about the temporary tattoos being offered by Roche. Call me 12 if you want, but I’m so excited to have them come in. If i have to have a belly decorated with holes and a device, I like the idea of making it pretty. haha. Mine are in the mail, I hear.

BTW, I have zero relationships with any companies, just talking about the things that make diabetes prettier.


One Response to “More accessories / decorations for the diabetic.”

  1. Very cool! Can’t wait to see it when you visit!!! 🙂

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