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Thankful Thursdays September 23, 2010

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I’m not sure I’ve ever been busier in my career than I am right now, but it often reminds me of the ways I’m very fortunate…and thus am thankful for.

1. My coworkers that came to my neighborhood for dinner this eve. Always makes me feel special when someone comes “to me.”

2. A great deal of work that is progressing and not regressing. I love the opportunities I’m being given. Love.

3. Reuniting, after vacation, with my wonderful Annabelle Leigh.

4. A few days of fall weather – more to come on Sunday.

5. Excitement for football on Saturday. I’m the coach this week, right? haha. It’s funny when you have to ask “um, what does that mean i have to do? Everyone needs a shirt and I should bring some beer? Okay.”

6. Getting email from friends and looking forward to weekend catch-ups. Here’s just one of the culprits:

7. All the wonderful people who have supported me for my upcoming diabetes walk. I’m already over goal for fund-raising (though not as a team) and it makes me feel very lucky.

8. Getting to attend a fun bachlorette party for a friend.

9. Vacation was great!

10. Safe travels.


One Response to “Thankful Thursdays”

  1. mom Says:

    I am happy you went over your goal and you are having a great week even though it has been busy, love you.

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