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Football + Poor Planning September 26, 2010

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I do a lot of social sports with a great group of friends/people. Right now is the season for fall football. I think it’s my 4th year playing, but yesterday was the first game I was able to make this year due to vacation. I happen to have agreed to be assistant coach and yesterday was also the first game that the real coach couldn’t make.


I went out Friday night and stayed out late. I woke up with a text from my neighbor that one of my tires was low.


By the time I had my tire up I barely had time to make it to the field.

I got there and didn’t feel great.

I cheked my bg…over 250. CRAP.

At the time, only three girls were there and we were all required on the field at once.

Within 3 minutes someone had ran into me (they were going backwards) and knocked me FLAT (and knocked off my pump).

I realized I really felt like I was playing drunk even though I had only had water.

Minutes later I was blocking a girl – we both turned and saw the ball was thrown elsewhere and I just hit the ground again (this time skinning a knee) even though I really didn’t even need to be running.

I took myself out of the game for a bit – even though a friend asked me to come in. I sat down and kept testing myself to get down. I really thinking I was hitting the ground so hard because my body was just not with my head.

Once I got down closer to 200, I got back in and was okay.

Still, it was frustrating.

Did I mention that I didn’t even have any food before the 1 PM game?

Poor, poor planning.


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