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It’s not always the ‘betes September 27, 2010

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When something feels “off” the first thing I always do is check my blood sugar. Sometimes it helps explains the feelings/oddness/body. Other times it doesn’t.

Today I woke up a few minutes before my alarm and could hear the rain falling outside. I kept my eyes shut and thought to myself of what a really nice Monday would look like. I pictured myself smiling, getting things done, cooking a healthy dinner, exercising, catching up on some to-do’s at home and so forth. And, really, it looked quite nice in my head.

And then I made a move to get up and my body hurt. It wasn’t the diabetes, it was soreness still from being out of shape when I played football on Saturday and took some falls.

And then I got to work and felt overwhelmed pretty instantly. It wasn’t the diabetes, it was just a big project going on.

And then I got really grumpy and frustrated, which is pretty unusual for me…so much so that I did another finger-stick to just be sure…I was magically at 120. Not the diabetes, for sure.

My day continued and it wasn’t what I had imagined. Something was off, but I couldn’t blame it on my disease. It’s just me, I guess. It’s easier to blame it on the ‘betes.


4 Responses to “It’s not always the ‘betes”

  1. mom Says:

    you are right, sometimes we just have off days, love you

  2. desi Says:

    We all have “off” days. At least it’s the end of it…rainy Monday go away! 😉

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