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Thankful Thursdays – 9 September 30, 2010

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I woke up to rain pouring down and heard about schools closing early! Craziness! However, my world is not feeling so crazy. Actually it’s feeling very nice. Here are just ten of the reasons why.

1. AMAZING feeling that so many folks have donated to my walk.

2. An awesome new CD from Caleb Stine. My favorite lyrics right now are:
There’s no harm in being crazy
If you learn how to hide it at just the right times
And we’re all a little lonely
You just can’t let it on in the check-out lines
They ask you how you’re doing
You just gotta say …… fine.

3. Good news for my mom! Sometimes crossing fingers works, I think.

4. Football season.

5. The people that have said “yes, i can” when I’ve asked their help at work this week.

6. FALL! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE having the door open and the cooler weather. Not to mention I sleep better…

7. A certain friend being able to tell me “like it is” this week. Haha. It’s take a special person to be able to do that, right?!

8. The taste of my cherry chapstick.

9. The art I did this week. I bought supplies when visiting AR earlier this month and had one night this week where I did THREE pieces – one of which, I like so much I might frame.

10. The cute hat I found for “The Event” tomorrow!


One Response to “Thankful Thursdays – 9”

  1. mom Says:

    crossing fingers or a blessing, I think with the crossed fingers comes a prayer with

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