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Too diabetic October 6, 2010

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I was having dinner with a non-diabetic recently and we were talking about different associations people have with diabetes. She mentioned another diabetic friend of hers that she feels talks about it too much – that the person is a lot more than her diabetes. I stewed on this a lot last night and this morning.

For all diabetics, or others with an incurable disease, they/we are a lot of things. Sons, daughters, friends, our professions, artists, comedians and on and on and on goes the list of things that each of us may be. However, I’m not sure that there’s another aspect of our life that requires the (additional) ongoing attention that diabetes, or another such disease, does. It is being dealt with pretty much constantly and does not look nice when it’s ignored. SO, we may want to talk about it a lot. For me, that’s why I started this blog. Others handle in their own way.

I know some people that I spend time with really don’t care to know any details. Those are people I’ll call acquaintances. Maybe they think it’s exaggerated or boring or whatever adjective they’d like to associate with me talking about it. Chances are that these people talk to me about things I’m not that interested in either. đŸ™‚

But, if someone cares about me, I assume they would like to know how this is going, as well as the other aspects of my life…just as I want to know the things happening in their life, including their health. I can’t think of a time that I considered someone important to me and didn’t want to hear them talk about something important to their life.

Deep thoughts. People are different.


2 Responses to “Too diabetic”

  1. Sue/RFamHere Says:

    Then you have the people who are constantly asking “How’s the diabetes going?” It doesn’t bug me so much when it’s another diabetic, but it’s almost like nails on a chalkboard when it’s the diabetes police. *sigh*

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