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One Crap-ola Sunday! October 11, 2010

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Really, it started Saturday eve. I was at a birthday bash and was just not feeling great so left early. While in the car I check and am at 360. !!! So I rage-bolused a bit and went home and went to bed. I got up Saturday morning and was still over 300, so I changed out my pump site. I had an inkling of an idea there might have been a bending going in, but sometimes I’m wrong. A couple of hours later I was down, but not nearly as much as I should’ve been. I decided to give it more time. By early afternoon I was still not coming down at all (instead had gone up). So I changed my site (yes, it was bent) again. This time I started coming down properly. Of course by the time I was within range it was close to 5. A full day wasted and feeling bad trying to figure it out!

I am getting blood work done in the morning to see my endo next week. After this being the second time of an insane high in this month I expect my A1C to be up. Boo. One day at a time.


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