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Thankful Thursdays – 12 October 21, 2010

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There was some church song I loved growing up that had this “I got a feeling, everything is going to be alright” and it’s stuck in my head right now. Worse things to be stuck in my head!

Some things that I’m thankful for this third week of October:

1. Drain-o. Is that weird? I thought something was really wrong with my kitchen sink but a couple of rounds with this magic product has it draining just like it should.

2. Home Depot. Thanks to organization it was quite easy to find the first fridge bulb I’ve ever had to buy. Who knew that $1.50 and about 1 minute would have me back in business and able to see which food I need to throw out.

3. Project Go-Lives! Maybe this should have been #1. I’ve been on a project for over 18 months and it finally went into production…pretty smoothly. Woot!

4. Helping a friend cook dinner. Some yummy sweet potatoes (cubed, seasoned, baked), spinach souffle and a pretty salad…quite delicious and healthy. All those veggies were locally grown which leads me to…

5. Being part of a CSA (community supported agriculture). Great to know what’s in season and have it paid for every week just waiting for me to pick it up.

6. Having a friend to attend a new church with me this Sunday. Been looking to add some type of religion back to my life and so it’s good to have support for that.

7. Improvements on my cold front. Not 100% but steadily improving.

8. The simple beauty of fall. So pretty – all those oranges, yellows and reds.

9. A good visit with my endo. It wasn’t a perfect report but I’m glad I’m in a position to be able to get the medical treatments that make my disease manageable.

10. That my St. Bernard hasn’t out-grown laying her head on my chest or sitting in my lap.

It’s a good life.


5 Responses to “Thankful Thursdays – 12”

  1. I look forward to reading your Thankful Thursdays every week. It always makes me smile 🙂 I might have to start that, too!

    Go lives rock! My first commercial software release is less than a month away! We sign off in less than 2 weeks. I’m super excited 🙂

    • Oh, you should! The person I stole the idea from has stopped doing it – but I’d love to read other’s peoples lists. It’s interesting once you get past the really obvious things…

      GOOD LUCK!

  2. Felicia Says:

    This is an especially good one … Loving that you are loving life 🙂

  3. I read #1 to my husband (the plumber) and he slapped his forehead and shook his head. *LOL*

    Wish I could find a friend to cook dinner for me!

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