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Opposite of the Diabetes Police October 22, 2010

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I have a culturally diverse work team…which I love and appreciate. Everyone knows I’m diabetic and sometimes when they are offering food they will make comments about asking if I can have something or “Rebecca probably can’t have this” and it’s okay – I correct them if needed.

Today, however, I am trying to go pumpless (was thinking for the weekend but am rethinking) and after lunch was just a lot higher than I expected to be so was shooting up and waiting for it to come down. Well, one of my guys went out and bought cookies at lunch as his “good-bye” gift to our team. He emailed us all to have one. I deleted it. Then he specifically said I should have “just one” and I told him my levels were already high so I was going to pass (i’m not a huge sweets fan, anyway). Ten minutes later he brings all the cookies to my desk and asked me to please have one.

Funny. I was just laughing to myself that it’s the opposite of the norm.

I took one and sat it on my desk. And there it sits. 🙂


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