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Thankful Thursdays – 13 October 28, 2010

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This week has been a bit heavy for me … gearing up for what I think are some necessary changes, but also fully recognizing that they won’t be easy. And so what I’m super thankful for in my life right now is SUPPORT!

Support of:

1. My dreams
2. My hopes
3. My goals
4. My weaknesses (and overcoming them)
5. My potential
6. My work
7. My health
8. My talents
9. My personality

I am so grateful to have the people in my life that I do. Life isn’t always easy, but it’s always easier with love and support.

Thank you, my friends and family….thank you.


3 Responses to “Thankful Thursdays – 13”

  1. Felicia Says:

    Lots of love & support coming all way from OK! Love you girl. You got this!

  2. So excited for the new adventures that await you, Bec!
    I am thankful for YOUR friendship and support.

    ♥ you!!!

  3. mom Says:

    You will do this, I am going to be your biggest cheerleader. Love you…mom

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