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Detox – Day One – First Half November 1, 2010

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I’m beginning to think a fast would’ve been easier.

First of all, there’s a lot to do in the morning – three different drinks to make/drink. Given that I normally leave the house within about 45 minutes of getting up (and that includes dog care and showering), that seemed like a lot to fit in.

1. Water with lemon and ginger. A whole lemon, a sliver of ginger. Not bad, but also not delicious.

2. Barley wheat powder mixed with water. DISGUSTING!!!!!! I couldn’t keep the first drink down. Then I stood over the sink and tried to gear myself up. I got a few drinks in and realized that what was left was sludge. No way was that going down.

I then took a break to shower and gear up for the next and have some time to settle:

3. Juicing! I had tried an apple last night and it worked great so I was quite surprised when I started putting carrots in and they leaked everywhere. I couldn’t figure out why it was doing that instead of going into the cup. I got a tiny bit but most of it went all over the counter.

Was already running late so didn’t try to figure it out.

Lunch is going MUCH better….a couple cups of brown rice, steamed mushrooms and bok choy and seasoned with miso soup.


One Response to “Detox – Day One – First Half”

  1. Hope you figure out what is wrong with the juicer. I’ll bet the seal wasn’t quite right or something. Sadly I don’t even know what half of your lunch is. *LOL*

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