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Detox – Day One – Second Half November 1, 2010

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Lunch was definitely the highlight of the day due to the issues with the juicer. I think I wasted quite a bit tonight trying to get it working and I think I finally figured it out…something got stuck in the drain area. I’m not going to try anymore tonight but I think it’ll work better tomorrow. What I’ve actually tasted of the veggie juices was pretty yummy. I did munch a bit on the left behind stuff (all the fiber) after the two fails to help with food too, but it seemed really wasteful to throw so much out. I guess if I’m not doing it three times a day it wouldn’t feel like that. I also read you can use it in veggie soups and such too. It does make sense….dinner’s juice (attempt) was tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, and red bell pepper. All soupy stuff!

Good blood sugars. No serious cravings except for energy. Haha. I’ve been kind of surprised at only a slight headache for caffeine withdrawals. I could really go for a piece of cheese, but I don’t feel like I’m going to die without it. I’ll have some more peppermint, green tea in a bit for the evening end (except for water).

Two days to go!


3 Responses to “Detox – Day One – Second Half”

  1. I’ve heard this stuff is good–could be a use for some of that pulp šŸ™‚

  2. Girl, you SO got this!!!

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